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Keynote Well-being

Make your business more productive. Create systems that ensure employees have the tools to be healthier and productive on a daily basis. Top professionals need top advice, training and recovery strategies just like professional athletes. I have helped CEO’s reach bigger goals in their training and in the workplace. I have given employees strategies to make the positives changes in their life and career. The services have varied from, programming to improve the golf swing or run times of top executives, to presentations, workshops and group sessions to a host of workers.

The knowledge and understanding of key principles of physical performance is the way to a better life, career and workplace. I will bring my knowledge and experience of working with athletes into business and help workers perform at their best. I will share the “tricks of the trade” to help businesses and their employees to become healthier and more productive.

  • Recover Like an Elite Athlete
    Discover how to recover quickly and perform better

    Recover like an elite athlete introduces the science of recovery and how our bodies need protected time to fully recover and get back to peak performance. The session introduces the concepts of recovery touching on Sleep & Caffeine, Hydration & Nutrition, Exercise and effective strategies and also the techniques used in the elite world to accelerate the recovery process. It is about getting routines into the lives of the workforce and to affect behaviour so they can become more aware of the strategies. This in turn allows workers to be more productive and healthier.

  • Sleep for peak
    Gain knowledge on how to master this health booster

    Sleep is one the most under-estimated things we do and has a huge impact on all aspects of health, performance and recovery. This session explains the science behind sleep and the strategies we can utilise to improve it. It will also talk about the things that you may not know of that can negatively affect your sleep including coffee. Mastering your sleep is the best performance enhancer you will ever know.

  • Train to Performance
    Science and effective strategy to exercise

    We have bad relationship to exercise. It like a love-hate relationship. Why do we have all the right intentions and great plans but can’t seem to maintain the right routines that we know will make us happier? This session will discuss the role of exercise and how we should set up our lives to make sustainable changes in our routines. We will talk about exercise, strategy, momentum and of course the science. Trust me the science will make life and your decisions easier.

  • Train like the Pros
    Receive the elite treatment and improve in your sport

    This is a popular choice for CEO’s or workers who want to excel in their chosen sport. This is a very practical session for small numbers (1-4). The sessions take clients through a full body assessment and they will receive a bespoke programme that will improve their sport. This session has improved golf swings, run times and cycling time trials.