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My Career

My name is Shayne Murphy and I’m the founder of SDM Performance. I have been working in elite football for over 10 years. I have been fortunate in my career to have worked across first teams and academy squads during my time in the UK. In that time, I’ve worked with over 500 footballers and have experience working with athletes from a variety of sports. I have worked extensively with the likes of Phil Foden, Jadon Sancho and Brahim Diaz who are on the verge of an exciting career to players who have been and done it like Michael Salgado.

The affiliations illustrate the various organisations and companies that have influenced by practise. My journey started with a 1st class honours degree at the University of Limerick and it has led me to work in some of the best organisations in the world. I want to transfer my knowledge and skills to my clients, so they can achieve success.

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Full Body Assessment &
Individualised Programme

You will receive a full body assessment and gain feedback on how your body functions. It will highlight your strengths and limitations. You will leave knowing more about your body and have a programme that will improve your function and ultimately your performance.

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SDM performance provides a 100% specified and individualised online coaching experience. Firstly we will conduct a 3D Biomechanical assessment to help us to create your programme. From then on, we monitor your progress to make sure your body is responding as expected. Remember you are hiring a coach not buying a programme.

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Sports Team
Performance Coaching

We can help coaches to improve the service they give to players, by creating an environment where the four corners of performance are challenged and improved. SDM Performance can also work directly with a team to improve their own training methods and conditioning level.