Full Body Assessment & Individualised Programme

Exercise without prior assessment is a guessing game. With this assessment there is no guess work. By understanding how your body functions and its limitations, a programme that will benefit you can be designed. You will receive a full 3D biomechanical assessment of your movement capability. It will involve an assessment of your foot, hip and spine and how these interact with each other. You will gain feedback about how your body moves and insight into how you can make improvements in your performance. The assessment is for anyone who wants to improve their training, sport or daily lives. Following the assessment, you will receive a 6 to 8-week programme that you will perform to make the improvements you are looking for. The programme will be designed around your access to facilities, training experience and aims. From this assessment and dependant on your sport and aims further programming can be designed if needed i.e. power, conditioning.

In clients who require rehabilitation, the assessment will identify the symptoms, compensations and most importantly for you the causes of your pain or injury. Similarly, you will receive a programme to get you back to where you need to be. Get in touch for more details.


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Contniued assesments are at a discounted rate
  • 100% Individualised programmes
  • Full body assessment
  • Identify your limitations
  • Nutritional & lifestyle recommendations
  • Analysis of you in your sport (if applicable)
  • We monitor your progress
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